Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends for 2017

The home remodeling industry is growing. People have become more aware of keeping their home nice. Every family has different needs and preferences. If you are thinking of home remodeling this year, then you must have a look at this year’s trends.

Home additions

If you want to stay in your current home for more years, then you should think of home additions. There are many options available. You can create the space you need for your growing family. You can easily have a large kitchen or have an extra living space.

Remodeling kitchen

It is one of the trendiest ideas for home remodeling. People look for great designs and low maintenance options when it comes to kitchen. White cabinets are demanding. Wood grains are also in demand and people like the modern look of the kitchen.

Master Suites

It is a private place for relaxation. It will include a master bedroom, a master bathroom, and a master closet. You will get the feelign of luxurious hotel rooms by remodeling this space. You can have soothing colors to give you a calm feeling.


Mudrooms are very trendy now. This is helpful when you have small children in the house or you simply want to keep your home organized. People are getting creative with this room. It doesn’t have to be a different room. You can create it even within your laundry room or kitchen.

Inclination towards man-made materials

Now there are tile options available that look like hardwood flooring; engineered stones look like marble. The man-made products need less maintenance than the natural ones. They are more durable as well.

Home remodeling trend this year is all about getting organized and selecting things for the home that is both beautiful and needs low maintenance. So, go with the trend for your home remodeling project.

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